Using Oscar to Build a Local Puppet Environment with Vagrant

The Goal

  • Install Oscar
  • Use Oscar to build a local PuppetMaster & Agent config
  • Use Vagrant to start the PuppetMaster & Agent


sandor@theargo> vagrant plugin install oscar

Add a Vagrant Box

sandor@theargo> vagrant box add centosPupLabs

What that does:

sandor@theargo> vagrant box add boxName
  • Downloads the .box file to the Vagrant boxes directory
  • nocm = No “configuration management” installed

Create a Vagrant environment with Oscar

Give Vagrant a Puppet Enterprise installer location & version.

sandor@theargo> vim config/pe_build.yaml
   version: "3.1.3"
   #download_root: ''

Set the download_root or manually add the installer with

sandor@theargo> vagrant pe-build copy puppet-enterprise-3.1.3-el-6-x86_64.tar.gz
sandor@theargo> vagrant oscar init
sandor@theargo> vagrant oscar init-vms \
                   --master master=centosPupLabs \
                   --agent firstagent=centosPupLabs
                   --agent secondagent=centosPupLabs
sandor@theargo> vagrant up

What that does:

  • Creates a Vagrantfile that is customized by Oscar
  • Adds a PuppetMaster and 2 agents to the Vagrant environment
  • Uses the PuppetLabs Centos box as the OS for all 3 VMsgs
  • Starts the group of VMs

Login to the VMs

sandor@theargo> vagrant ssh master
sandor@theargo> vagrant ssh firstagent
sandor@theargo> vagrant ssh secondagent

The result

  • 3 running VMs with a PuppetMaster and 2 agents
  • Both Agents are authenticated with the Master
  • You can now run your Puppet code