Using Vagrant on Windows

The Goal

  • Install and configure VirtualBox & Vagrant on your Windows dev box
  • Download and start a Linux & Windows Vagrant Box.


Add a Vagrant Box

  • Open a Command Prompt and Run as Administrator
C:\Windows\system32\>vagrant box add centosPupLabs

What that does:

C:\Windows\system32\>vagrant box add boxName
  • Downloads the .box file to the Vagrant boxes directory
  • nocm = No “configuration management” installed
  • We will use a Vagrant plugin called Oscar to install and configure the PuppetMaster and Agent in a separate post.

Start the Vagrant Box

C:\stuff\vagrants\>vagrant init centosPupLabs
C:\stuff\vagrants\>vagrant up
C:\stuff\vagrants\>vagrant ssh

What that does:

  • Tells Vagrant to write a VagrantConfig file in C:\stuff\vagrants\
  • Vagrant then boots the centosPupLabs VirtualBox machine
  • SSH into the VM
    • Must have Cygwin or Git installed
    • You can also use PuTTY