Installing Ansible

The Problem Need to deploy an Ansible Controller to run Playbooks from that uses the latest build and is easy to upgrade/configure. The Solution Install Ansible from the latest release on GitHub. The Goal Create an Ansible Controller directory that will run the latest version via git clone and setup the shell with the Ansible environment scripts. Clone the Ansible repo Go to the GitHub project page github/ansible Choose a release version or the dev branch and clone.

Add WebProxy Cert to Fedora

The Goal Make Fedora work behind a restrictive idiotic corporate web proxy Install a corporate cert to make that happen Get the cert Install the cert sandor@theargo> openssl x509 -text -in /path/to/proxycert.crt >> /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt The result Your corporate overlord has now man in the middled your personal gmail, have fun.

Auto Update VirtualBox Guest Additions with vagrant-vbguest

The Goal Keep the VirtualBox guest additions at the latest version using vagrant-vbguest built by dotless-de. The Links Vagrant - link Vagrant vbguest - link dotless-de - link vagrant-vbguest A beautifully simple Vagrant plugin to manage the guest additions on VirtualBox. install sandor@theargo> ~/Codestuff/vagrants/PuppetMaster $vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest bootup usage vagrant-vbguest will run on every vagrant up or on a vagrant reload unless you specifically tell it not to.