Using Oscar to Build a Local Puppet Environment with Vagrant

The Goal Install Oscar Use Oscar to build a local PuppetMaster & Agent config Use Vagrant to start the PuppetMaster & Agent Install VirtualBox - Vagrant - Oscar works with Vagrant version 1.3.4 - Oscar - sandor@theargo> vagrant plugin install oscar Add a Vagrant Box sandor@theargo> vagrant box add centosPupLabs What that does: sandor@theargo> vagrant box add boxName Downloads the .

Using Vagrant on Windows

The Goal Install and configure VirtualBox & Vagrant on your Windows dev box Download and start a Linux & Windows Vagrant Box. Install VirtualBox - Vagrant - Download the .msi Right click and Install as Administrator Add a Vagrant Box Open a Command Prompt and Run as Administrator C:\Windows\system32\>vagrant box add centosPupLabs What that does: C:\Windows\system32\>vagrant box add boxName http://url.

Auto Update VirtualBox Guest Additions with vagrant-vbguest

The Goal Keep the VirtualBox guest additions at the latest version using vagrant-vbguest built by dotless-de. The Links Vagrant - link Vagrant vbguest - link dotless-de - link vagrant-vbguest A beautifully simple Vagrant plugin to manage the guest additions on VirtualBox. install sandor@theargo> ~/Codestuff/vagrants/PuppetMaster $vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest bootup usage vagrant-vbguest will run on every vagrant up or on a vagrant reload unless you specifically tell it not to.